Heinz Henghes :: England Gallery 2006
342 - 1937
25 X 19

Her name was Betty

One of a series of illustrations for a book manuscript by Henghes Ecce Ego.

32.5 X 25 mounted on paper

344 - 1937
25 X 18.5

Fearing the Night

One of a series of illustrations for a book manuscript by Henghes 'Ecce Ego'

357 - 1937
27 X 20.5

Self Portrait
484 - 1940 Dec 15th
25 X 17.5


'Monument of an Ancient Civilization' dated Dec 15 '40.

There is some largely obscured writing in the dark area to centre left. Some words seem to be 'Hoo is to Mayarrim'

A note by Prunella Clough on the back of the pictures frame reads; "This drawing was made by Heinz Henghes in Australia during the 1939-45 war, and given to me in the 50s."

354 - 1940 Dec 21st
27.5 X 21.5

Anchored Object
118 - 1940 Dec 27th
28h x 21,5 w


Dated Dec 27 in the lower right corner. On this date Heinz would have been in Australia where he was for a time interned by the British as an alien due to the fact that at the outbreak of war he had German nationality.Paper mounted on cardboard

charcoal on paper
181 - 1940s
29h x 23w


Abstract and plants (?). No date, no signature

brushed ink on paper
774 - 1940s?
5.5cm X 6cm

Crazy man
452 - 1941
26.5 X 18.5

Don Quixote

Front page of a copy of the Play 'Don Quixote' by Henghes.

Given to the painter Prunella Clough and carries the inscription 'Henghes to Prunella - Xmas 1941 London'.

489 - 1942 June
45cm X 20 cm appro


Inscribed 'For Clifford Hall - Henghes London June 12 1942

Ink on paper
182 - 1945
30h x 20w


Study for scilpture ? 2 views?Signed Henghes 45

watercolour and ink on paper
71 - 1949

Head of a Girl

The Girl is thought to be a model at the Royal College of Art where Henghes was lecturing at the time.

Terra Cotta
356 - 1949
32.5 X 27.5

Self Portrait
65 - 1950

Madonna and Child

A note by Henghes on this work written in 1950:
Madonna, my largest stonecarving so far, occupied me about 9 months. Made for St Mary le Park Church Albert Bridge Rd. Battersea. Stone paid for by Stefan Hopkinson and Brian Dupre the Vicar, cost £75.- My work given as a gift. Received a great deal of publicity due to silly objections raised by 3 women who called it blasphemous, obscene etc. Exhibited Antwerp Open Aire Exhibition 1950. To be exhibited Battersea Park Open Air Exhib. 1951 and is to go into the Church at the end of that exhibition.

139 - 1950
76,5h x 56w

Sketch for Madonna
charcoal and red pastel on paper
140 - 1950
38h x 27w

Sketch for Madonna
charcoal on paper