Heinz Henghes :: Dunera / Australia
114 - 1940
23h x 32w


This drawing is annotated indicating it was drawn when aboad S.S. Dunera. The Dunera was a ship taking Henghes and many other so called enemy aliens including artists and writers to Australia where they were deported from the U.K. following the outbreak of WWII.

Ink on paper
550 - 1940

Le Fou

This drawing was made whilst Henghes was on board the 'Dunera' a ship bound for Australia carrying internees including many artists and musicians.

Ink on paper
117 - 1940 Dec 06th
27,5h x 20,5w

The Long Road Back

Abstract figures. Signed Henghes London.

46 X 36 mounted on card

ink on paper
484 - 1940 Dec 15th
25 X 17.5


'Monument of an Ancient Civilization' dated Dec 15 '40.

There is some largely obscured writing in the dark area to centre left. Some words seem to be 'Hoo is to Mayarrim'

A note by Prunella Clough on the back of the pictures frame reads; "This drawing was made by Heinz Henghes in Australia during the 1939-45 war, and given to me in the 50s."

115 - 1940 Dec 19th
28h X 21.5w


paper mounted on cardboard

Ink on paper
547 - 1940 Dec 20th
27.8 X 21.3cm


Drawn in Australia, presumably at camp Hay, shortly after arriving on the Dunera.

Inscribed To Roland Penrose

Ink on paper
354 - 1940 Dec 21st
27.5 X 21.5

Anchored Object
118 - 1940 Dec 27th
28h x 21,5 w


Dated Dec 27 in the lower right corner. On this date Heinz would have been in Australia where he was for a time interned by the British as an alien due to the fact that at the outbreak of war he had German nationality.Paper mounted on cardboard

charcoal on paper